Step 4 – final check and set up

Check your administrator has the following information (from the Pre setup checklist [PDF, 341 KB]):

  • The names of teachers and students who will be involved;
  • Access levels for teachers using the PaCT (full or restricted access to judgments and reports);
  • Details of any new student groups in the PaCT;
  • Dates for interim and end-of-year reporting cycles;
  • Whether you will integrate your school’s SMS data

And also check:

  • You have Education Sector logons for the Administrator and all leaders and teachers using the PaCT (see Step 3);
  • ENROL is up to date for your school;
  • Your Administrator has received an email with a link to log on to the PaCT and start the set up;
  • Your Administrator called the Education Service Desk (0800 422 599) and asked for an invitation to the PaCT;
  • The Education Service Desk has given your Administrator an invitation code.

Now get Setup