Step 1 - Planning

Here’s a planning checklist to help you get the best from the PaCT in your school.

Checklist for planning for the PaCT in your school

  • Think about the uses of the PaCT in your school. You can use the tool to:
    • Track the progress of students throughout the year and year on year
    • Inform decisions about teaching, learning and professional development
    • Set targets for student achievement
  • Decide if you want to start small and scale up. For example:
    • Start with one PaCT framework
    • Start with a small number of teachers and students
  • Discuss the implementation with your staff and Board. Download the:
  • Identify a PaCT Leader to lead implementation in your school
  • Identify a PaCT Administrator to set up and manage the tool
  • Allow time for teachers to practice using the Judgments and Reports modules on this site.

Download our Pre setup checklist [PDF, 341 KB] to help with planning.