PaCT for Administrators

What is the PaCT?

It’s an online tool that:

  • Helps teachers monitor students progress and achievement in mathematics, reading and writing;
  • Records interim and end-of year Overall Teacher Judgments (OTJs) for National Standards;
  • Creates a range of reports for school leaders and teachers.

What is the Administrator’s role?

The PaCT Administrator:

  • Sets up the PaCT for the school, which includes
    • Updating Education Sector logons for users,
    • Ensuring the settings in the PaCT reflect decisions made by school leaders. For details of those download our Pre setup checklist [PDF, 341 KB].
  • Manages the tool, which may include:
    • reviewing reporting cycles,
    • data imports from and to your School Management System (SMS), and
    • controlling the access given to teachers.
  • Extracts end of year Overall Teacher Judgments for NAG2A reporting

For a quick guide to setting up the PaCT view Getting Set Up.

If your school decides to use the PaCT, work through the Getting Started section with your PaCT leader.