What is PaCT?

The Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) is an online tool that supports teaching and learning.

What does it do?

It prompts teachers to notice what students know and can do across the breadth of mathematics and as they use their reading and writing to support their learning in different areas of the curriculum from levels 1 to 5.

  • It supports teachers to understand how students develop their expertise in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • It illustrates rich teaching and learning activities in everyday classroom programmes.
  • It supports consistent teacher judgments of student progress and achievement.
  • It creates reports that help teachers and school leaders monitor the progress of students.
  • It supports schools to plan coherent learning pathways for students transitioning across school contexts.

What does it include?

PaCT includes the Learning Progression Frameworks, which set out the aspects teachers should take account of when considering their students’ achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics.

It also includes the capability to synthesise teacher judgments on aspects of reading, writing, and mathematics to generate a score for individual students. This score can be displayed in relation to the levels of the New Zealand Curriculum or the National Standards.

Click the picture below to open the module about the Learning Progression Frameworks. You can also browse the full reading, writing, and mathematics frameworks. Before viewing the module, please check that your web browser or tablet is compatible.

Launch The PaCT frameworks module


Explore the Making Judgments or creating a Report sections to see the tool at work.